Building: 9 Ossington

Interaccess Toronto, 2012
Generative audiovisual installation. Double monitor animation, floor shakers, suspended resonant panels.

On our initial visit to Interaccess daylight filled the room as we watched the avenue's ebb and flow: pedestrians and vehicles panning across a window, disappearing from view, and reconstituting themselves moments later across the gap. We decided to invite the energy of the neighbourhood into the gallery: open windows framing discontinuous snapshots of city life, sounds of the street and the tattoo parlour overhead recorded through the pipes, ducts and beams of the building.

The building became the material and frame for the project. We began preparing the generative audio program by using tactile transducers to feed the building sounds back through objects and surfaces in the Interaccess space.

In a neighbourhood art store we found pine panels that sounded great with tactile drivers attached.

The basement workshop area at Interaccess hosts an active community of hardware hackers. We photographed the twirls and skeins of multicoloured wiring to create the generative video component.

images: instant places

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