Instant Places :: Collaborative projects of Laura Kavanaugh and Ian Birse  

January 17, 2024: FLIPBOOK, Art’s Birthday 2024, livestream performance from Instant Places studio to Art’s Birthday international transmission art collective.

November 3, 2023 :: NUMUS New Music, Waterloo ON, premiere of Particle Drift (Instant Places 2023), animated visual score, modular synthesis, iPad piano, altered acoustic guitar, live processing. September 16, 2023 :: DAIMON, Gatineau QC, Radio Hull Festival, live electronic sound and acoustic transformations, low power FM radio relay.  April 18, 2023 :: Clarke Recital Hall, Miami, Forida, Premiere performance of FlavoPlage, a composition for Frost Electronic Music Ensemble,  with generative visual scores and Max/MSP software instruments. March 18/19, 2023 :: Materia Generativa III, Virgilio Sieni (Centro Nazionale di Produzione, Florence), Hybrid physical/virtual performances connecting Instant Places (Vieux Hull Québec) and Company Blu Dance (Italy). Laura Kavanaugh and Ian Birse: live electronic sound, Max generative visuals and camera switching; Charlotte Zerbey and Alessandro Certini: dance, voice. January 19, 2023 :: MANGO, Art’s Birthday 2023, livestream performance from Instant Places studio to Art’s Birthday international transmission art collective. Generative visuals and live action stream through multi-frame windows.<>

December 17, 2022 :: Materia Generativa II, DidStudio Milan, Hybrid physical/virtual performance connecting Instant Places (Vieux Hull Québec) and Company Blu Dance (Italy). Laura Kavanaugh and Ian Birse: live electronic sound, Max generative visuals and camera switching; Charlotte Zerbey and Alessandro Certini: dance, voice. December 2, 2022 :: GIOfest XV, Centre for Contemporary Arts Glasgow, hybrid virtual/physical audiovisual performance, Instant Places streaming live sound and generative visual interventions. Collaboration with international guests and the Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra. November 5, 2022 :: IMOOfest 2022, Gigspace Ottawa, Instant Places performance of electronic sound, plus collaboration with Vinny Golia and the IMOO Orchestra. November 1, 2022 :: Zigzague & Colore, Espace Wilder Montréal, Premiere of Le regard (Laura Kavanaugh 2022), composition and visual score for Ensemble Supermusique. October 28, 2022 :: Materia Generativa I, Teatro Limonaia di Sesto Fiorentino Italy, Hybrid physical/virtual performance connecting Instant Places (Vieux Hull Québec) and Company Blu Dance (Italy). Laura Kavanaugh and Ian Birse: live electronic sound, Max generative visuals and camera switching; Charlotte Zerbey and Alessandro Certini: dance, voice. August 30, 2022 :: Silence, Sound, and Spectrum, Hybrid physical/virtual performance and radio relay. Instant Places studio Vieux Hull => Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra => Alípio Carvalho Neto trio live in Italy => RadioArte, Siena Italy. January 16, 2022 :: Bouteille? Hey Vasakivasa!, two-hour audiovisual performance live-streamed from Instant Places studio.

November 27, 2021 :: Dalliance, visual music animation exhibition by Instant Places, Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow.  November 26, 2021 :: GIOFest XIV, hybrid virtual/physical audiovisual performance, Instant Places plus international guests with the Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra, Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow. September 9, 2021 :: FlavoPunkJS <—>, opening of javascript-generated audiovisual online installation. July 18, 2021 :: Art's Birthday Collective, Vancouver BC, networked streaming performance for World Listening Day 2021. March 28, 2021 :: New Music Edmonton, online workshop in audiovisual improvisation over distance. March 27, 2021 :: New Music Edmonton, FLAVOPUNKAVENTURE, audiovisual performance livestreamed from Instant Places studio to the Now Hear This festival. January 16, 2021 :: Neutral Ground, Regina SK, EVERY POSSIBLE PLACE, Audiovisual livestream performance by the Instant Places Ensemble (Jeff Morton, Sbot N Wo, Jon Vaughn, Laura Kavanaugh, Ian Birse, Hilarey Cowan & Ian Campbell.), Radio relay to 91.3FM CJTR Regina. 

December 9, 2020 :: Dunlop Gallery, Regina SK, <—LUFTEN—>, a streaming audiovisual performance, Instant Places generative camera switching and spontaneous sound field composition plus trio collaboration with Jon Vaughn. November 26/27 2020, GIOFest XIII Online, streaming audiovisual performances with the Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra, including generative score livestreamed from Instant Places November 27. November 15, 2020: Mopomoso Digital 6, TEA FOR TWO, spontaneously-composed audiovisual performance for London UK- based collective  June 25—September 15, 2020 :: << BREATHING ROOM 2020 | ITERATIONS I, javascript-generated audiovisuals : “a graph, a lovely tree” symposium, Knot Project Space, Ottawa, Livestream from, June 25 : Nuit Blanche Regina, Drive-in projection and audio, June 29 : Dunlop Gallery Regina Mediatheque, Digital monitor and parabolic speaker, August 30— November 30, 2020 : Radio-Hull Festival, DAIMON, Gatineau QC, Window lightbox projection, audio to fm transmitter and portable radios, September 9—15 >> February 18, 2020 :: ORF Funkhaus, Vienna, Austria, STEPS SIX THROUGH SEVEN OF MANY STARS,  mastering of completed radio commission. January 17, 2020 :: Radio Kulturhaus, Vienna, Austria, Art’s Birthday 2020 @Kunstradio, webcast/audio stream of live performance, analog/digital sound transforms of voice, amplified strings and modular synthesis. 

December 9, 2019 :: Tempi di Reazione @ SPAM, Lucca Italy, SOTTO UN SOTTOTESTO II, spontaneously-composed analog/digital sound, performance collaboration with dancers Charlotte Zerbey and Alessandro Certini (Company Blu). November 30, 2019 :: Teatro della Limonaia di Sesto Fiorentino, SOTTO UN SOTTOTESTO I, spontaneously-composed analog/digital sound, performance collaboration with dancers Charlotte Zerbey and Alessandro Certini (Company Blu). Single-channel generative visual installation in atrium. November 11—16, 2019 :: CANGO/ Centro Nazionale Virgilio Sieni, Florence, Italy, spontaneously-composed analog/digital sound for The Next Step text/dance/music choreography,  performance at CANGO November 16.  October 25, 2019 :: Sight and Sound Festival,  Eastern Bloc Montreal, WATERMARK II, spontaneously-composed analog/digital sound in parallel with generative image streams, single-channel projection. September 26—October 11, 2019 :: Digital Creators/Near North Media Lab, audiovisual performances and digital audio manipulation workshops in North Ontario, Sault Ste. Marie, Elliot Lake, Temiskaming Shores, and Timmins. September 5—15, 2019 :: Common Waters, Idea Exchange Cambridge, analog/digital print process exhibition, performance of WATERMARK I, spontaneously-composed analog/digital sound in parallel with generative image streams, single-channel projection. May 27—June 6, 2019 :: Common Waters, Idea Exchange Cambridge, initial fieldwork along Grand River waterway. May 1—5, 2019 :: Fieldwork residency at Thames Gallery Chatham, audiovisual performance May 2, artist talk/demo May 3, field recording/digital manipulation workshop May 4. April 2019—ongoing :: Breathing Room | Online Generation, javascript-based generative audiovisual stream, online at March 15—May 5, 2019 :: Breathing Room installation at Thames Gallery Chatham, generative audiovisual space, double-wide projection, eight-channel 3D audio. February 9, 2019 :: Megaphono Festival, Ottawa, audio performance with altered guitar, modular synthesis. January 18, 2019 :: Webcast performance, collaboration between Sound of the Mountain (Elizabeth Millar and Craig Pedersen) and Instant Places, streaming at January 17—January 27, 2019 :: POD DREAMERS RADIO HOME, Generative audiovisual intallation, streaming 24/7 at 

December 1, 2018 :: GIOFest XI, Center for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow, Scotland, spontaneously-composed analog/digital sound in parallel with generative image streams, single-channel projection. November 23, 2018 :: Flatpack Film Festival/Fizzle, Birmingham, UK, spontaneously-composed analog/digital sound in parallel with generative image streams, single-channel projection. September 21, 2018 :: IMOOFest 2018, Ottawa ON, audio performance, Kavanaugh/Birse with David Jackson and Mark Molnar. April 21, 2018 :: Institute for Advanced Computational Science, New York, NowNet Arts 2018, Networked sound performance between Hull Quebec, Beijing, Calgary, and Stony Brook New York. March/April 2018, Instant Places studio, Hull QC, beta-testing of Artsmesh networked performances between Beijing, Calgary, and Hull Quebec. February 21, 2018 :: Instant Places livestream, Carbon Sugar Air closing performance, analog/digital audio, Laura Kavanaugh and Ian Birse. February 12, 2018 :: Webcast of streaming music collaboration, live bi-directional link between Elizabeth Millar and Craig Pedersen in Victoria BC and Laura Kavanaugh/Ian Birse in Hull, Quebec. January 17— February 21, 2018 :: Carbon Sugar Air 2018, online generative audio installation.

November 13—21, 2017 :: New Adventures In Sound Art residency space, Deer Lake Ontario : Integration of CV control for analog synthesis via DC-coupled audio interface. August 2, 2017 :: La Fonderie, Gatineau, QC :: Co-presentation with AXENEO7/ Canada Scene. Sound performance using extreme physical spatializations in 58,000 square foot converted warehouse, with Rory Magill and Linsey Wellman. August 6, 2017 :: General Assembly, Ottawa, ON :: Co-presentation with Improvising Musicians of Ottawa/Outaouais, Collaborative sound performance merging acoustic sources with electronics, with Raymond MacDonald (Glasgow Improvisor's Orchestra), David Broscoe and David Jackson (IMOO). October 8, 2017 :: General Assembly, Ottawa, ON :: Co-presentation with Improvising Musicians of Ottawa/Outaouais, Collaborative sound performance focusing on real-time electronics, with Simon Labelle (feedback systems) and David Jackson (analog electronics). June 7—17, 2017 :: Victoria BC, GRASS PILLOW, Biospheric art practice residency. May 17—31, 2017 :: Halifax NS, New music residency, SKIN OF SKIN, performance for live electroacoustics and generative visuals, OBEY Convention festival May 26. May 29, SuddenlyListen new music, Workshop, Intuitive strategies for improvisation. March 23—May 21, 2017 :: Art-Image, Gatineau QC, XANTHORIA ELEGANS, Generative installation, 19-channel 3D sound, double-wide projections. January 17— February 28, 2017 :: Deep Wireless Festival, New Adventures in Sound Art, CARBON SUGAR AIR 2017, online generative audio installation. January 17, 2017 :: Grass Pillow (Telematic), Telematic performance between Tina Pearson (Victoria BC) and Laura Kavanaugh/Ian Birse (Hull QC), streamed live to Ars Acustica satellite radio in Vienna. 

December 8, 2016 :: DAÏMON, Gatineau QC, ELECTRONS LIBRE, Audio performance, custom software/hardware. November 26, 2016 :: Centre for Contemporary Art, Glasgow Scotland, GIOFest IX, Audio performance, generative visuals, custom software/hardware. November 10, 2016 :: The Noise Upstairs, Manchester UK, Audio performance, custom software/hardware. October 27—29, 2016 :: Bluecoat Art Centre, Liverpool UK, Audio performance, collaboration with improvising dancers Company Blu (Italy) and Liverpool Improvisation Collective (UK) October 25, 2016 :: Oscilloscope, Bangor Wales, Audio performance, custom software/ hardware. October 1, 2016 :: SonADA Festival, Aberdeen Scotland, Audio performance, custom software/hardware. September 10—November 27, 2016 :: University of Waterloo, Stratford ON, SLEEPER_VERTICAL, generative animation installation for three-story digital display. September 10— November 27, 2016 :: Gallery Stratford, Straford ON, RHIZOGEOGRAPHICUM, Generative audiovisual environment, three-channel projections, four-channel sound. July 8, 2016 :: SawVideo Ottawa, Audio performance, live TV taping with ESP TV (NYC). June 27—July 1, 2016 :: Hexagram, Montreal, Multi-channel audio residency, collaboration with Elizabeth Millar and Craig Pedersen. Performances July 2 (Kingston) and July 3 (Ottawa). February 17, 2016 :: DAÏMON, Gatineau QC, DOUBLE/VERTICAL, Performance for generative visuals and six-channel sound. 

November 15—22, 2015 :: Norfolk County Carillon Tower, Simcoe ON, CLOSENESS, Completion of public audiowork radiating from 23-bell carillon. August 16, 2015 :: Museum of Vancouver, SLEEPER_Live04, Performance of live electroacoustics at International Symposium on Electronic Art 2015, four-channel sound field, generative projection. May 15, 2015 :: Festival International de Musique Actuelle Victoriaville, SLEEPER_Live03, Audio performance, stereo sound field, single-channel generative projection. 

October 24, 2014:: Tone Deaf Festival, Kingston, SLEEPER_LIVE02, Performance in surround audio space, single-channel generative HD projection. October 7, 2014 :: MST:7 Performance Festival, Calgary, SLEEPER_LIVE01, Three-hour performance in surround audio space, generative wide-angle twin projection. August 14—16, 2014 :: Norfolk County Carillon Tower, Simcoe ON, CLOSENESS phase one, interventions in carillon structure. August 1, 2014 :: SoundTracks, SAW Video, Ottawa, CENTAUR, Live sound component for animations by Pixie Cram, four-channel audio space. April 28—30, 2014 :: DAIMON media centre, Gatineau QC, Spatial Improvisation residency, public performance April 30. Laura Kavanaugh (realtime sampling, custom hardware/software system), Ian Birse (altered guitar, custom hardware/software system), Craig Pedersen (trumpet and electronics), Linsey Wellman (clarinet, bass clarinet). 

Saturday, November 9th, 2013 :: Improvising Musicians of Ottawa/Outaouais, IMOOFEST 2013. Breath-controlled audio feedback matrix, performance collaboration with Christine Duncan/Jean Martin and the IMOO Orchestra. September 22—October 8, 2013 :: Vaste et Vague, Carleton-sur-mer QC. Creation residency. Series of internet broadcasts based on audio interventions in the residency structure. June 11—22, 2013 :: New Adventures in Sound Art/ NXNE Festival, Toronto. ELASTIC PLANETS, generative audiovisual installation in 12-channel cube audio space. February 1—21, 2013 :: Judith and Norman Alix Gallery, Sarnia ON. <building: 147 Lochiel> , Generative alcove triptych and lobby window projections. January 8—20, 2013 :: Judith and Norman Alix Gallery, Sarnia ON. Creation residency, <building: 147 Lochiel> generative artworks, 10- hour webcast of telematics during Art’s Birthday 2013. 

October 6, 2012 :: IMOOFEST, Ottawa ON. New music performance, live sampling of voice and modified guitar. September 19 —October 21, 2012 :: InterAccess, Toronto. <building: 9 Ossington>, two networked computers running Max/ MSP programs generating co-ordinated audiovisual fields. 21 channel sound (audio transducers on 16 suspended pine panels, drivers on two sub-floor heating ducts, two floor-mounted bass shakers), video expanse stretched across two monitors. July 20—30, 2012 :: CAMPER, Truck Gallery, Calgary. Performance artlab in converted camper van, audiovisual broadcasts to mobile devices. July 9—15, 2012 :: Sound Symposium, St. John’s Nfld. Webcam/sound performances and generative audiovisual broadcasts. January 11, 2012 :: Soundasaurus Festival, Calgary. Performance of audio transforms and 3D visuals, collaboration with Jasmin Poon, quartz resonators.  October 2011 :: Competition for Somerset West Public Art Project, Ottawa. Second stage finalist. January 15 —17, 2011 :: Art’s Birthday 2011, Instant Places studio, Hull QC, Streaming audio installation and distance collaborations. 

September 17— October 31, 2010 :: Art Gallery of Peterborough, Generative audiovisual installation. July 17—25, 2010 :: Batoche, Saskatchewan, Artists in residence, 125th commemoration of 1885 Rebellion. February 4—21, 2010 :: Instant Places Canada Code,Vancouver 2010, generative audiovisual installation, Cultural Olympic Digital Edition exhibition. 

August 29— December 12, 2009 :: CanadaWide. Travel via surface transport from Makkovik Labrador to British Columbia. Location sound and image recordings, 22 performances across Canada. 

Argentina/Uruguay 2009 

May 7, 2009 :: Buenos Aires node of Alvin Lucier’s “Quasimodo, the Great Lover”, International telematic realization for the Deep Wireless festival, Toronto. May 9, 2009 :: Encuentros de Cooperación e Intercambio, Live transforms of sounds and images from Buenos Aires. May 28/29 2009 :: Live webcast relay, ElephanteCasa in Buenos Aires to CJSW 90.9 FM in Calgary. July 17, 2009 :: Museo de Arte Moderno y la Alianza Francesa de Buenos Aires, TANGLO II, live sound and video performance. July 19—22, 2009 :: Auditorio de la Facultad de Artes, Montevideo, Instant Places/Punta Carretas, location intermedia project completed by a live sound and video performance July 22. 

New York 2009

March 1—14, 2009 :: Diapason Gallery residency, Concluding performances for multichannel sound and live video March 13 and 14. March 22, 2009 :: ABC No Rio, sound performance. Laura Kavanaugh (MAX/MSP live sampling), Blaise Siwula (reeds), Ian Birse (piano, contact pickup). March 24, 2009 :: Goodbye Blue Monday Max/MSP mutations of location recordings and amplified objects from the Coney Island shore. March 29, 2009 :: Issue Project Room, Live sound and video performance at SHARE NYC.


Toronto/Chicago/Japan 2008

October 7—26, 2008 :: SoundPlay Festival, Toronto, Composers in residence, New Adventures in Sound Art. Artist talk and premiere of HEAD! SMASHED! IN! BUFFALO! JUMP! October 24, performance for 12 speaker sound array and live video. September 3— 7, 2008 :: Junction Festival, Toronto, CITIZEN, public projection project, image generation transforms of resident’s portraits. June 15, 2008 :: WLUW FM, Chicago, 53 MISTAKES, four-hour live to air performance. June 7, 2008 :: Heaven Gallery, Chicago, UPSIDE, live sound and image transforms. May 12—16, 2008 :: InCUBATE, Chicago, Street-level projection events transforming storefront to video screen. April 10—14, 2008 :: Birdo Flugas, Shiogama/Sendai, Live sound and image manipulations in shopping arcade, also webcast relay April 11 to the Audio over Networks conference at the Banff Centre, Canada. April 8, 2008 :: Superdeluxe, Tokyo, TOKYO RODEO, live image/sound transforms in four-channel sound space. March 21—23, 2008 :: Radio Son Verde, Tokyo, ONOMAT series of ‘pirate radio’ broadcasts, relay to Resonance FM London on March 22. February 22, 2008 :: Cafe Independants, Kyoto, Image transforms and live sound manipulations of location recordings and prepared piano. February 16, 2008 :: Art Space Tetra, Fukuoka, INSTANT PLACES FUKUOKA, February 8 performance of amplified drawing/live video and trussed guitar, February 15 internet audio relay to CJSW FM in Calgary, February 16 performance completion of Instant Places, image transforms and live multichannel sound. 

Canada 2005—2007

Removable Room, mobile artlab projects > September 25—27, 2007 :: The Guild Inn, Scarborough ON. May 8—12, 2007 :: Send + Receive Festival, Winnipeg MB. January 16—20, 2007 :: Neutral Ground, Regina SK. October 25—28, 2006 :: Pen Centre, St. Catharines ON. October 9—14, 2006 :: Tone Deaf Festival, Kingston ON. <removableroom September 20—22, 2007 :: London Ontario Live Arts festival, INSTANT PLACES/LONDON, nightly performances in downtown courtyard, video projections on library wall, four-channel sound. April 4— April 28, 2007 :: Western Front, Vancouver BC, OPERATOR, noise opera using overheard cellphone monologues and computer-controlled grand piano. March 23—May 13, 2007 :: Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, THE FORTRESS OF HISTORY, offsite performances, gallery installation, interventions in the AGGV virtual gallery. March 7—17, 2006 :: Instant Places, Videographe/PARC, Montreal, SOUFFLE, open studio sessions leading to performance diffusion of sounds and images from Montreal streets, multichannel sound field and network of nine video screens. November 18, 2005 :: Perimeter Institute, Waterloo ON, Live video for Steve Reich’s CITY LIFE, commissioned by NUMUS and the Kitchener/Waterloo Symphony. 

Australia/Canada 2003—2004

November 16, 2004 :: Biennale of Electronic Art Perth 04, Audio/ video performance, also collaboration with Perth violist Cathy Potter. November 11—14, 2004 :: Perth Institute of Contemporary Art + BEAP 04, COLLECTOR_1, collaboration project integrating digitized work from Perth artists Chrissie Parrot (dance), Rob Muir (text), Cat Hope (music), and Tanja Visosevic (images). Final audio/video performance by Kavanaugh and Birse November 14. October 8—November 8, 2004 :: Instant Places/Kellerberrin, Australia, EAST IS EAST, audio/video installation and performances during one-month residency. September 30—October 3, 2004 :: Instant Places/ Newcastle, Australia, Open-studio installation/performance presented by the Electrofringe Festival. May 12—23, 2004 :: AMAAS Conference Grande Prairie, Alberta, SLOWERTHANLIGHT, solar power audio/video environment in travel trailer. April 10—17, 2004 :: Instant Places/Images Festival Toronto, BEELINE, self-generating installation and performance environment. October 24, 2003 :: Dangerous Currents Festival, Vancouver New Music, STATIC, surround audio/video performance. May 16, 2003 :: Festival International de Musique Actuelle Victoriaville, PRIMITIVES, audio/video installation and performance in surround space. Instant Places artlab projects, Canada 2003 :: October 12—18 Open Space, Victoria / September 15—20 Khyber, Halifax / September 8—12 Sequence, Chicoutimi / May 7—11 Open Ears Festival, Kitchener. 

Europe 2001—2002

Nov. 21, 2002 :: LEM Festival, Barcelona, Spain, AIRPORT, audio/video performance. Nov. 14—17, 2002 :: Interfiction/Artefaction!, Kassel Documentary Film Festival, SPLICE, three-day internet/performance piece created on site. Nov. 1—10, 2002 :: LoungeLab / Backup Festival Weimar, Germany, November 7—9, interactive audiovisual kiosk. November 7, OPENING NIGHT/CLOSING NIGHT, mobile sampling and playback of reception sounds. Nov. 8, DUST, electronic sound performance. Nov. 2, 2001 :: Audio Art Festival, Krakow, Poland, SLOW; audio/video performance. Oct. 19, 2001 :: Studio of Janos Sugar, Budapest, OPEN; four-hour performance using real-time sampling of audio and video.

Awards : Community : Training

Awards and commissions : Cultural Olympics Digital Edition: Generative video commission 2010. Canada Council for the Arts: Instant Places Projects 2022, 2018—2020, 2016—2017, 2014—2015, 2013, 2012, 2008,  International Residency : 2016, Travel : 2010, 2007, 2004, 2002. Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec: Exploration and research-multidisciplinary: 2021  City of Kitchener: Public projection commission 2008. Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade: Travel grant 2004. Alberta Foundation for the Arts: Multi-disciplinary work (2003, 2007), Cultural Relations Fund award 2009 Alberta Media Arts Alliance Society: Public art commission 2004. NUMUS Waterloo: City Life live video commission 2005.

Community : Edmonton 1996—1998: Co-curated multi-disciplinary performance series MOMENTUM. Calgary 1998—2001: Members of Space for Space multimedia performance consortium. 2004—present: Presented digital media workshops at University of Regina, Sydney Institute of Technology, Struts Gallery (Sackville NB), Artengine (Ottawa ON), EMmedia (Calgary AB), Sporobole (Sherbrooke), York University (Toronto), Electrofringe Festival (Newcastle), Digital Creators in Sault Ste. Marie, Elliot Lake, Temiskaming Shores, and Timmins.

Training : 1998— present :: Self-directed research as independent audiovisual performers and programmers. 2001—2002 :: Beta testers for realtime visual programs VDMX and Isadora. August 29—30, 1998 :: Interface Intermedia Fest, Edmonton, attended workshops in computer programs for interactive performance MAX (Ken Gregory, Winnipeg) and SUPERCOLLIDER (Matt Rogalsky, UK).